Hotels Near Oktoberfest Munich: Atrium Boutique Hotel

The world famous Oktoberfest attracts many people to book a hotel in Munich, Bavaria’s beautiful capital.

Choose our Atrium Hotel near Oktoberfest Munich:

  • 5 Minutes walking distance from Oktoberfest
  • Free highspeed wifi
  • Dogs are welcome
  • Children until the age of 9 are free
  • Spacious and newly renovated double and family rooms

Our hotel is situated just 5 minutes walking distance away from the Oktoberfest Munich. Staying with our hotel near the Oktoberfest Munich you also benefit from a comfortable and quiet room to take a break from the festivities or to prepare for them. Our rooms offer comfortable king size beds, large bathrooms, a mini bar and an air conditioning system. The Boutique Hotel Atrium Munich near the Oktoberfest is looking forward to welcoming you.

Oktoberfest Introduction

The Oktoberfest in Munich is the biggest and most famous festival in the world. The Oktoberfest takes place annually for two weeks from the end of september to the beginning of october. Millions of people visit it everyday for its tents, beer, rides and to have a good time with family and friends.

The Tents

The Oktoberfest has 14 big and various small tents, which offer its guests delicious beer from the respective brewery and food and of course a lot of fun. After a fun day you can fall asleep in one of our spacious and newly renovated rooms in Munich.

The Rides

There are many rides for the little guests as well as for the older ones: carousels, ghost trains, slides and much more. Our Hotel near the Oktoberfest of course recommends all of them, but we especially love the excitement and screaming atmosphere of the Top Spin carousel!

The Oktoberfest history

The Oktoberfest exists thanks to a civil officer. He wanted to celebrate the wedding of king Louis II. of Bavaria and princess Therese in a special way and therefore organized a horse race on the Theresienwiese on the 17th october 1810. It has been so spectacular, that the couple wanted it to be organized annually. Over the years it developed from a tradition to a huge fair attracting a lot of visitors from all over the world.

Do not forget: From the Boutique Hotel Atrium Munich you are on site within 5 minutes.

Oktoberfest FAQ

The Atrium Hotel near Oktoberfest Munich answers all of your frequently asked questions:

Do I need a ticket to get in?

No, there is free entrance to the area and the tents. However you may need a reservation for the tents otherwise you may not get a table.

Is there any admission control?

There are security guards at every entrance, who will check the visitors, if needed.

Can I take my dog along?

Animals are not allowed, except for guide dogs.

What is not allowed to be taken with at the Oktoberfest?

Bags which are bigger than 20 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm and any kind of backpacks are not allowed. For a little fee, you can store them at certain wardrobes next to the Oktoberfest area. In general it is recommended to only take your essentials with you in a small bag.

How long are children allowed to stay?

Children under the age of 6 are allowed to visit the Oktoberfest only until 8 pm. Baby strollers are allowed every day except saturday and on the 3rd october.

How long is the oktoberfest open?

It is open everyday from 8 am to 1.30 am. At nighttime it is closed. At that time you can take a break from the days fun in one of our comfortable hotel rooms.

Is the Oktoberfest always crowded?

On weekends the Oktoberfest is indeed crowded. On the other days of the week there are less visitors. You can look up on the internet which are the best days to visit the Oktoberfest.

You would like to visit Munich especially for the Oktoberfest? Then book our hotel near the Oktoberfest Munich. You are only 5 minutes away from the festival, so you can visit it every day of your stay. Contact us now. We are happy to welcoming you as our guest!