Things to do with your kids in Munich

Things to do with your kids in Munich

You’d like to book a hotel in Munich and are wondering what Munich has to offer for kids? Munich is popular for much more than just the Oktoberfest and great shopping. We will show you what your kids should not miss out on in Munich.

Afternoons of summer games, outdoors

Freizeit Sport offers afternoons of free games in selected Munich parks from May to October. Stilts, unicycles, balls and much more are provided. The game masters on site make sure that no kids get hurt. You can relax and enjoy a picnic or get comfortable on a bench while your children romp around to their hearts’ delight.

Participating parks include:

  • Riemer Park
  • in the middle of the Old Botanical Garden
  • Ostpark in the northern section by the toboggan slope
  • Luitpoldpark in the northern section by the toboggan slope
  • An der Isar, at the level of the Wittelsbach bridge
  • Westpark, on the meadow near the Bayerwald House

Afternoons of winter games outdoors

Afternoons with games are also offered from November to April on Sundays from 13:30 to 16:30. Children can go sledding or build igloos here.

Participating parks:

  • Ostpark in the northern section by the sledding slope
  • Luitpoldpark in the northern section by the sledding slope
  • Westpark, on the meadow near the Bayerwald House

More action on the adventure playgrounds

You can also visit an adventure playgrounds in Munich to spend an exciting day with your kids.

List of adventure playgrounds:

  • Adventure playground Hasenbergl (ABIX)
  • Maulwurfshausen
  • Adventure playground Neuhausen
  • Water playground Westpark

Bowling with kids in Munich

The Hollywood Super Bowling Center is the best place for this! Barriers can be flipped up along the sides for kids. The ball can thereby not drift into the gutters and will definitely hit a few pins.

Kingdom for kids in the German Museum

Why not visit the Deutsche Museum in Munich with your kids? There is a special section just for small explorers between the ages of 3 and 8. Ball lanes, a huge guitar, regular experimental workshops await your kids. Learning is fun here.

Get creative in the Kids’ Art House

Here you can be as creative as you like with your children. At the Kinderkunsthaus in Schwabing you can paint, do arts and crafts, take photos and even make a cartoon.

Take your kids to visit the puppetry (Marionettentheater)

Munich also has a lot of cultural things to offer children. From children’s fairy tales to famous operas – watch a play here with your little ones.

Find out how movies are made – Bavaria Filmstadt

Showtime! The Bavaria Filmstadt theme park demonstrates to kids how movies and TV shows are produced! Join a 90-minute guided tour of the studio. Following that you can look forward to a 4D cinema experience and the movie discovery world ‘Bullyversum’.

Discover the diverse world of animals – Tierpark Hellabrunn

Hellabrunn Animal Park is the perfect destination for a day out with children in Munich. Around 19,000 animals and more than 700 species feel at home in the world’s first geo-zoo. From an educational point of view, a visit to the zoo is a valuable experience for children. Your children get to know the animals better and learn a lot about their habitats, ways of life and how to handle them properly.

Get to know sea creatures – Sealife

You can also discover the exciting underwater world with children in Munich. The Sealife Aquarium in the Olympic Park is home to 36 realistic pools with numerous underwater creatures ranging from fish, rays and seahorses to sharks and squids.

Lend a hand at children and youth farms

When it comes to animals, Munich has a lot to offer children. How about helping out at a real farm? In Neuaubing and Ramersdorf there are special children and youth farms where you can see the animals and help take care of them. Parents are also very welcome.

Challenge your kids in a jumping competition – AirHop

Perfect for active families: on over 70 trampolines, foam pits, basketball and dodgeball fields, young and old can jump around to their heart’s content.

As you can see, there are lots of fun things to do together with your kids in the big city: from having fun and playing games to research and creativity and watching animals that you can take care of.

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