Bottles Glashaus

A wonderful place to rummage and enjoy - are there really that many different shapes and purposes for glass? Is it not lovely to have such treasures to look at?

Live Music
Bar Gabanyi

Less jet set, more equanimity. Less noise, more art.
Sophisticated drinks and premium bar food;
with live music in our favourite bar on Thursdays.

Max Pett Restaurant

Did you know that Munich owes its sewage system and potable water provision to Max von Pettenkofer? Nor did we. The Mex Pett spoils us with vegan delicacies and that just around the corner.

All in one
Cafe Cord

Club Sandwich. Prosecco-Risotto. Veggie-Goat-Burger.
Terrace. Club. Restaurant.
Food. Beverages. Dancing.
From Cafe to Club. From midday to midnight.

Weinhaus Neuner

Once a monastic dining room, today the oldest wine place in our city. Look forward to a selection of more than 200 different types of wines: all relaxed after a city stroll drop in for a glass of wine and a ‘Strammer Max’ (slice of brown bread, smoked ham topped with a fried egg). Or enjoy a delightful menu from the best Bavarian and Austrian kitchens can offer.

Homemade Pasta
Quattro Tavoli Restaurant

Mi Amore! The best Bresaola in town! Eat food prepared á la Mama with original Italian ingredients from the owner’s hometown, who has been known to start singing live as the night progresses. Because the place in this private and unique ambience is restricted it is necessary that you reserve a table beforehand.